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We provide world-class shipbuilding, ship repair and non-standard steel and aluminum constructions for the marine industry. We work with cruise line operators, shipyards, architects, general contractors, and ship owners to handle anything from simple labor support services, to a complete turn-key renovation, an new construction.. At our company, we employ only the most skilled fitters, welders and labor of all types. All of our technicians have experience working in industrial shipyards in Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Spain, Norway and Finland. There is truly no better training in the world!

We perform a wide range of works in shipbuilding such as assembling and mounting of ship units, manufacture and installation of cargo-hatch covers, hull and insulation outfitting works as well many other services.

Also we offer a full range of ship repair works such as modernization and re-equipment of all types of vessels, hull repairs, repair and mounting of cargo-hatch covers, upgrading and remodeling of vessels.


Our main production divisions are located in Riga, Latvia and Nikolaev, Ukraine

We have been providing services for superyachts all round the world for over 10 years. Our specialists have many years experience in the yachting industry, working with aluminum, steel, and glass reinforced plastic structures. We are able to provide a high standard Yacht Services, including:

– Building & Repair
– Maintenance service
– Electrical
– Painting
– Mobile service
– And much more…

Our goal is to earn your trust and develop a long-term relationship with you and your yacht. With competitive pricing and an old-fashioned work ethic, combining careful planning, skilled staff, common-sense time management, and quality parts to provide reliable, consistent results.


We provide a complete range of electrical services for the shipbuilding & ship repair industry:

Design and engineering
– Integrate and manage your project to its completion, from design phase to a complete turn key solution.
– Integration of new technologies according to your upgrade needs.

Specific systems
Application specific developments such as:
– control and regulation of propulsion systems
– alarm and monitoring systems
– automation systems
– power management
– data warehousing

Coordination and on-board assembly
Specialists able to :
– coordinate and manage on-board integration.
– handle multifaceted execution.
– anticipate and deal with constraints specific to marine environment (rules and regulations).

Refitting and maintenance work
Our staff is dedicated to:
– ensure quality expertise in refitting work
– minimize your constraints
– maintenance and upgrade
– update the electrical needs of the increasing demanding Operating Conditions Maintenance

Our ship electrical and electronic repair works include:
– supply of new standard frame size motors.
– overhaul and/or rewinding of motors and alternators of all sizes.
– rewinding of transformers and manufacture of new transformers.
– balancing of rotors and impellers.
– re-sleeving and machining of motor-end shields and bearing journals.
– manufacture of switch gear and control panels
– supplier of most electrical equipment and spares
– fault finding and repairs to automation systems (electrical and programmable logical computer)
– general installation work (eg. running of cables, fitting units and multi- cable transits)
– shore supply and generator hire.
– cleaning of switchboards.
– supply of personnel for off port limits and riding crew work.
– repair of navigational equipment.
– boiler repairs
– fire damage repairs.
– water damage repairs of engine rooms and other machinery components.
– repair and installation of alarm systems (fire, main engine,and general alarms).
– repair of fire detectors and smoke detection systems.
– installation and repair of telephone systems.
– installations and repairs of temperature monitoring systems
– repairs of cranes and other cargo equipment.
– repairs of electronic cathodic protection systems.
– repair and supply of galley equipment ( ranges,ovens etc).
– calibration of all flow meters, gauges and regulators.


Maritek LTD has all necessary resources for the construction of steel, stainless steel and aluminum non-standard buildings, including workshops, schools, churches, libraries, hotels, parking garages and more. We also are capable of designing and building custom steel structures with any amenities you require.

We do the actual construction/installation of structural steel buildings. With our partners, engineering firms, contractors, construction companies, etc. we “build to print” all the steel components needed. We are capable of handling all your design, engineering, laser cutting, fabrication, welding, assembly and painting needs for structural steel.

Although we do prototyping, the majority of our projects are built according to designed drawings. Our team of engineers work closely with you to design, develop and build the steel structure you desire. We use multiple types of detailing software. If you already have your drawings, we can work with you to complete the building portion of your project.


We have a huge experience in the installation and renewal of all types of piping on a variety of vessels and onshore facilities. We know the requirements and our teams ensure smooth order processing at the highest level. We are flexible, on time, and very efficient. Apart from the marine field we have installed piping works in many industrial units such as refineries and metallurgical industries. We also specialize in piping installations that are designated for luxury yachts, mega-yachts, naval vessels, patrol ships, frigates and submarines. We know the the quality of the work and the materials for these projects are especially demanding.

– piping engineering and design.
– system evaluation, installation, repair, modification and failure investigation.
– compliance to ASME piping codes.
– non-destructive examination, X-ray, MPJ, UT scanning and dye penetrant.
– we offer leak detection services in accommodation and living quarters
– extensive experience working with carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, yorcalbro, cunife, pvc and galvanized steel
–pipe systems include: water, fuel, oil, hydraulic and pneumatic.
– and much more…

pipework can be repaired either on board your vessel or in a workshop. If it is necessary to completely replace a pipe, it is removed and then jigged in workshop. This allows the pipe to be exactly replicated. The new pipe can then be fitted without the incorporation of any stresses.

Our company has carried out piping works in all the type of commercial ships:
– Bulk carriers
– Containers ships
– Oil tankers
– LPG/LNG tankers
– Cruise ships
– Ferries
– Cargo ships

The piping networks that we are installing include all the piping systems such as:
– fuel oil
– lubricating oil
– sea water
– fresh water
– compressed air
– chilled water
– hydraulic oil
– air vent
– sounding pipes
– sewage water
– scuppers

The materials from which we can fabricate the above piping systems are:
– carbon steel
– stainless steel
– copper-nickel
– copper
– aluminum-brass
– aluminum
– Inconel
– polypropylene
– polyethylene


Our blast & paint division carries out regular protective coatings applications for offshore rigs, platforms and ships, tank terminals, cranes, marine equipment, columns, transmission towers and bridges. We are extremely experienced applicators of multi-coat systems and provide a full range of industrial corrosion and fire protection services able to handle all major site works including:

– Confined Space Entry
– Working at Heights & Abseiling
– HP Water Blasting
– Full Containment Systems
– Environmentally Sensitive Projects
– Offshore Work
– Hull and deck care including full repaint
– Full bottom treatment and anti fouling
– Annual service and inspection plans
– Rigging inspection
– Vessel inspectorate liaison and compliance assessment

Surface preparation and coating are different for each project and it is taken care of by our fully trained staff of painting engineers and technicians. The main objective is to exceed customer expectation in a cost effective manner with the best quality and methods possible.

In our company, paint application in cargo hold & cargo tank treatment, tank treatment, hatch cover treatment together with accommodation and hull area are completed in accordance with paint manufacturer’s guidelines with all necessary criteria being met prior to commencement of coating and of course carefully complied with during the coating process.

Also our painters are experts in the art of surface preparation, fairing and the application of high-gloss yacht finishes. Our comprehensive yacht painting services include:

– High performance yacht surface preparation and coatings application
– Bottom surface preparation and coatings application
– Boot-top maintenance
– Sandblasting
– Tank cleaning, sandblasting and coating
– Specialty detailing and shop coatings application
– Fiberglass and gel coat repair and re coating


Mechanical breakdowns are a serious problem for shipowners and having competent engineers on board can quite literally mean the difference between success and failure for a shipping company.

We have specialists in repairing, rebuilding and overhauling of ships, offshore installations and diesel engines. We provide integral services with a highly qualified work force that are very experienced. Repair of valves, turbines, pumps, propulsion system of ships, rudders and their steering systems, transverse and azimuthal thrusters.

You can count on us for quality work at a competitive price.

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